Saturday, July 12, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Cook Out

For the Fouth of July this year, we decided to have a good old fashion cook out.  We looked and looked for fireworks, but never did find any.  But there were three legged races, ring toss, sling shots and tin cans and FOOD!  Lots and lots of hot dogs, potatoe salad, chips, dip, ice tea, lemonade, watermelon and birthday cake for Noah!

Such a fun night!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July Newsletter

We have some great news!  The Lord has clearly directed us to serve alongside the pastor and staff at our church here in Costa Rica as assistant pastor and school chaplain!  This is a continuation of the type of disciplining ministry we were doing at Roblealto but on a larger scale as we will be.directly impacting the lives of over 100 members of the church and 100 students (and their parents) that attend the church's largest ministry, the bilingual Liberty Christian Academy (LCA).
For years, both LCA and our church have been praying for these needs to be filled. In the role of assistant pastor we will be assisting our pastor in different projects and helping to facilitate community growth and outreach for our church. At the school we are working to create a comprehensive Bible Curriculum, pre K-11th grade,  planning and leading weekly chapels, and working one on one with students and parents. We're also excited about working with the teachers to cast a vision for making disciples out of the students.  Many of students come from broken homes, and don't know Jesus.  Their families send them to LCA because it's an English speaking school.  What a huge opportunity!! 
One of the things our pastor wants us to develop in our church is being the Body of Christ to one another.  What we grew up knowing as  church family, (things like bringing meals to people after babies are born, surgeries, etc, helping people move, being the physical support in times of crisis,) doesn't often happen in many Tico churches.  Our pastor has told us he really wants to see the church grow in this and wants us to not only model that, but to help people understand and grow in those areas of hospitality and community.  He also wants us to disciple the members and move them to being active serving members of the church. We also see this church on the verge of some really great outreach possibilities in the community we are situated in as well as in Costa Rica.
We have officially started in these new roles and are so excited to hit the ground running!  We are thankful for UWM and their help in this process.
Thanks for all your kind emails and prayers!  We wish we could have answered you all personally!  Know that God used those to encourage us and discern where He was leading!

Because of Him,
Noah, Liz,
Forrest, Elliot and Quinn

Monday, June 30, 2014


After an intense game, where everything that could happen, did happen, Costa Rica advanced to the top 8 teams in the world for the World Cup!  After the game, we decided to see what was going on in our little area.  And all I can say is if this is the celebration after wining that one game, I can't imagine what they will be like if Costa Rica goes all the way!

CR WORLD CUP from nlkamper on Vimeo.

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Toy and a New Word

Brincar (to jump) + trampoline = brincaline.  Yes, that would be an Elliot created word.  Love it!
And it gives you an insight into what has been important in their lives this week.

On Tuesday Noah picked up a used trampoline that we found a about 1/4 the price of a new one.  We went in with our neighbors on it and the boys can hardly finish breakfast in the mornings fast enough to get out and jump!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday in Review

Quinny's actual birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated today.  Like as in all day because the poor kid couldn't handel it all at once. 

Way back in Ferburary, Quinn learned how to say "Happy Birthday to you"  only he says it "Happy Birthday to to"  And yes, it's as cute as you are thinking it is. 

We had pizza, because it's a food he puts his hands up in the air and screams Pizzzzzaaaaaa!   And then we tried to do cake.  Well, banana bread with cream cheese frosting.  And this is how it went...

Poor kid was so tired from church, and then everyone was singing and looking at him and there was this weird toy on fire and then people wanted him to touch it and then he went to bed.  Poor baby.

After his nap we did his presents, which he was way more into than the cake. 

Then more pizza and some more convincing and he finally tried the cake.  With a fork.  Oh honey!

Happy Birthday little man!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dibs and Dabs

  • Noah's done with the school year!  We're thankful that he was able to step in and help by subbing, but we are also thankful he is done.
  •  We are putting the finishing touches on what is next for us with our mission and our new ministry.  Details will come, soon.  I promise. 

  • There is a short term team down from the US and they have been doing a VBS for the kids at LCA, and our boys have been able to participate.  It hasn't gone super smooth for our boys, but it's a good learning experience ( read:  learning how to do things even when they don't want to.)
  •  Quinn's second birthday is Saturday!  I honestly am not sure how that happened!  And yes, I caved and gave him his scooter early. 
  • I have visions of getting real up in the air fireworks to set off for the 4th of July. They make these boxes here that are full of fireworks and all you have to do is light one fuse and walk away.  Then enjoy real, live, up in the air fireworks!  Now I just need to convince Noah.  
  • Our grass needs to be mowed.  But every time our landlord goes to do it, the mower breaks.  I am about ready to go old school on the yard, with a machete!

  • We have fish.  This has been a long time coming.  But the last week of school we finally had the bowl, the rocks, the water, the food and the fish all in one place!  Quinn keeps asking to "Hold it?  Hold it?" Forrest picked out the gold one and named it Golden Eagle.  Elliot picked out the one with the red head and named it Nija Warrior, and Quinn and I picked out the black and gold one and the other boys decided it's name is Tiger.  So boy.

  •  This last weekend our landlord filled in a hole that has been a problem for months now right by our garage.  And he had help.  Although I told him I wasn't sure three boys under 10 was really a help with this sort of thing. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Cup Fever

We are not a sports watching family.  Like at all.

But it is a World Cup year and if you live anywhere other than the US you would know this.  We've been warned not to go anywhere today because there is a game between Costa Rica and Uganda Uruguay, (I stand corrected.  See what I mean, we don't know what we are talking about!)  that could completely bring traffic to a stand still.  Oh boy.

Our boys have been pretty oblivious to this until the other day Forrest mentioned something about wanting one of the albums. And what is an album you ask?  It's a book full of spaces for each player on every team completing in the World Cup.  Never knew such a thing existed until we were at a friends' house the other week and saw one.  But that's just because I haven't been on the playground in the past three weeks.  It's a big "thing".

Hummm, immigrant parent fail.  Apparently there are no more of these albums, anywhere.  As in I looked about 5 or 6 places in town and was told by ever clerk "No hay".  But a couple of Noah's students found one, as a promotion with a bag of rice at a MaxiPali.  Huh.  Who knew? And they also gave the boys their leftover postales (stickers).  they come in packs, like baseball cards, and it's easy to end up with duplicates of players. 

So the boys got right to work putting the futbolistas on their designated spots.  It's been more like a puzzle to them, finding the numbers, marking them off in the back of the album, and then sticking them in the right spot.

And really, this is about as feverish as it's gonna get here.